We're looking for an additional Retail Associate to work both midweek during 'Water Wednesday' as a greenskeeper as well as weekends during retail hours providing excellent service and care advice directly to our customers.

*Additional weekday hours available for deliveries and team projects.

Primary Requirements

- Ability to multitask 
- Proficient in basic math
- Able to read, write, and effectively communicate
- Ability to work as part of a team as well as take initiative
- Strong interpersonal skills
- High school diploma or equivalent

Primary Physical Requirements 

- Use of ladder and step ladder 
- Reaching
- Grabbing
- Kneeling
- Moderate lifting
- Intermittent standing
- Packaging/Unpacking items 
- Repotting plants 
- Use of power drill 

Primary Qualities

- Organized
- Dependable
- Team Player
- Ability to problem solve
- Detail-oriented
- Ability to learn about plants and pest management
- Clearly communicates
- Outgoing and positive attitude 

Primary Categories of Responsibilities

- Opening & closing duties
- Assisting customers and other staff
- Contributing to inventory management
- Maintaining health of plant inventory and treats any pests swiftly
- Drilling pots
- Mixing potting soils
- Operating Plant Bar
- Displaying proficient knowledge of plant inventory and specific care requirements
- Displaying comprehensive knowledge of light and light requirements
- Communicating store policies
- Accepting orders, unpacking, pricing, and restocking 
- Troubleshooting and deescalating

Core Retail Responsibilities 

- Comprehensive use of Square Up Point of Sale for Retail 
- Handling cash, credit, and gift card transactions
- Greeting patrons in a friendly, welcoming manner
- Facilitating excellent customer service 
- Listening to plant care questions/concerns and educating according to Plant House recommended best practices
- Educating patrons about the shop's plant inventory (tillandsias, houseplants, tropicals, cacti, and succulents) 
- Creating display signage
- Answering questions about merchandise
- Offering suggestions and opinions about plant pairings, pots, etc.
- Helping patrons with out-of-reach or heavy merchandise
- Always interacting with patrons in a polite, patient manner
- Recording requests or concerns and reporting to Primary Operator
- Informing patrons about our loyalty program, specials, and any upcoming events
- Keeping merchandise, surfaces, and floor neat and free of dust, water stains, etc.
- Reworking merchandise to maintain fresh displays
- Keeping merchandise stocked
- Preparing/tagging new inventory
- Brainstorming with team
- Keeping plants in appropriate lighting conditions 

Water Wednesday

- Watering, washing foliage, and feeding plants according to appropriate schedule
- Treating pests and isolating sick plants 
- Putting the shops back in working order after watering